Natasha Villone

I was born in 1970 in Orel (little town between Moscow & Kiev), Russia. Paint &draw is the only thing that was easy for me since childhood. But I really learned to paint in the factory Zhostovo (picture style bouquets of roses on the shaped trays). 


In 2001 immigrated to the United States, Seattle. Here began my rebirth as an artist. Probably far from Russia I especially felt all that was happening before. In earlier years I began to paint ordinary Russian subjects: winter with ultramarine hills of snow, summer with the hay stacks .... Wanted to convey warmth, simplicity and a sense of security that we already almost lost. I keep on this subject, but more internationally.

I am married and have two children. My daughter is nine and she is my inspiration in some paintings. My son is five. Since I become a mother, children's themes in my paintings have increased.


Children are real and simple, they don't know how to hide there fillings. Unarmed simplicity against to this complicated word. I just want make it simple and my art to be understood.


I moved to Slovenia with my family in 2014 and I’m now more focused on creating my art than ever. In 2017, my first art work for a children’s book was published here in Slovenia.

Master's degree of theater design

2015 Grand Prix Art Naif festival, Katowice, Poland

2002 Art show at the Mercer Island gallery WA, US

2003-2010 Art shows at "Frank & Dunya" gallery, Seattle, WA
2010 Art show at "Kronos" gallery, Vashon Island, WA

2011 Christmas participation in the exhibition of naive art in France, near Paris.
2012 Art shows at the russian community center Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA
2012 / 2015 Art show Marmande, France
2015 / 2016 Art show Normandy, France
2015 / 2016 / 2017 Art show Katowice, Poland
2016 Art show Greifswald, Germany
2016 Art residency Brno, Czech Republic
2017 Art residency Helsinki, Finland

Contact Me

Krozna cesta 17, 6000 Koper, Slovenia

email: natashavillone@gmail.com

tel: 386 40 753-835

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